the leaves all over print 5 hat

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It's a delight for the eyes. Every autumn we can't help but revel in the beauty of the leaves. The mixture of colors, such simple visual delights, are actually the result of many complex chemical processes that take place in the trees as seasons change. 

We consider these leaves as a perfect metaphor for our existence. An unknown start-up sells for millions. A lanky kid from high school transforms into a champion bodybuilder. The basement producer turns into household name. 

Often only the events are seen in life. The final product on display. But never the hard work and effort that took place day in and day out over countless hours up until that point that lead to whichever event. The process is often misunderstood or ignored all together. Master the leaves - and you'll master the process. Master the process and you'll be that much closer to everything you've ever dreamed of. 

Meet the Leaves II: Made of the highest quality imported materials complete with our simple-and-clean trademarked logotype across the front and our classic "R" logo woven back strap tag, you'll fall in love with this just like you do with the autumn leaves.    

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